Keynote Speakers

Professor Loredana Polezzi

Professor of Translation Studies, Cardiff University

Loredana Polezzi is Professor of Translation Studies in the School of Modern Languages, Cardiff University, and President of the International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies (IATIS). Her main research interests are in translation studies and history of travel writing and migration. Her work focuses on how geographical and social mobilities are connected to translation, self-translation and multilingualism. With Rita Wilson, she is co-editor of leading international journal The Translator. She is a co-investigator in the research projects ‘Transnationalizing Modern Languages’ and ‘Transnationalizing Modern Languages: Global Challenges’, funded by the AHRC’s Translating Cultures and GCRF schemes, as well as a founding member of the ‘Cultural Literacy in Europe’ network.

Professor Jean-Marc Dewaele

Professor in Applied Linguistics and Multilingualism
MA French & Spanish, MA European & International Law, MA Eastern European Affairs, PhD in Romance Languages and Literature.

Jean-Marc Dewaele (Professor in Applied Linguistics and Multilingualism) and his daughter Livia won the 2017 prize for best paper in the Journal of the European Second Language Association with the contribution: Dewaele, J.-M. & Dewaele, L. (2017) The dynamic interactions in Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety and Foreign Language Enjoyment of pupils aged 12 to 18. A pseudo-longitudinal investigation. He won the Equality and Diversity Research Award (2013) from the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. and the Robert C. Gardner Award for Excellence in Second Language and Bilingualism Research (2016) from the International Association of Language and Social Psychology ( Special commendation from the Birkbeck Public Engagement and Research Impact committee in the category “Engaged Practice” for the project “Raising awareness about multilingualism in psychotherapy” (2018) with Dr Beverley Costa.

Dr Thomas H Bak

Edinburgh University 

Born and raised in Cracow, Poland, Dr Thomas H Bak studied medicine in Germany and Switzerland, obtaining his doctorate with a thesis on acute aphasias (language disorders caused by brain diseases) in Freiburg, Germany. He worked clinically in psychiatry, neurology and neurosurgery in Bern, Berlin, Cambridge and Edinburgh, with a particular interest in the relationship between language, cognitive and motor functions. 2010-2018 he was president of the World Federation of Neurology Research Group on Aphasia, Dementia and Cognitive Disorders (WFN RG ADCD). In recent years, Dr Bak’s work focused on the impact of language learning and multilingualism on cognitive functions across the lifespan and in brain diseases such as dementia and stroke. His studies include a wide range of populations, from students to elderly, from early childhood bilinguals to second languages learners, from Scotland, through India to Singapore. Not surprisingly, in his free time, Dr Bak enjoys particularly learning languages.

Professor Judit Kormos

Professor of Second Language Acquisition, University Lancaster

Judit Kormos is Professor in Second Language Acquisition at Lancaster University. Her research interests include the psycholinguistic aspects of second language acquisition, specific learning differences and cognitive factors in language learning. She was a key partner in the award-winning DysTEFL project sponsored by the European Commission and is a lead educator in the Dyslexia and Foreign Language Teaching massive open online learning course offered by Future Learn.  She is the author of the book Speech production and second language acquisition and the second language acquisition processes of students with specific learning difficulties. She has published several research articles in international journals on the role of cognitive differences in second language.

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